[TRANS] 100407 ANAN – Jaejoong’s View On Love And Behind-The-Scenes

An image beyond the perfect prince

A well-exercised body and sweet, pleasing facial features makes you stop breathing, even when he just looks at you.
Jaejoong, the man who stole the hearts of countless young women, will start appearing on Fuji TV’s drama “Sunao Ni Narenakute” beginning in April. This will be his first solo activity and will debut as a Japanese actor, attracting the attention of many.

“At first, I couldn’t believe it myself. Even after receiving the script, there wasn’t a sense of reality to it. Only after meeting with Eita and the other cast members and through rehearsals did I finally start to feel nervous about acting in a real television drama (laughs). Although the staff and cast members say to me, ‘just follow your way of doing things and everything will be fine, relax,’ I still feel pressure in terms of my acting skills and want to quickly adjust to everything.”

Jaejoong plays a young Korean doctor who chats online with Haru, played by Juri Ueno, and has a rather melancholy, one-sided love towards her.

“I have experienced one-sided love, so I have something in common with the character. I am a type of person who, once I fall in love, I will chase her no matter where and when. If someone likes me but says “I have no interest in you”, I care a lot about it and take it to heart. Once I realize that I have taken it too literally, I will try to collect myself and cheer myself on. In terms of love, I am probably an M type* (laughs).”

A straightforward and warm personality is just one of many of Jaejoong’s charm. When the topic of previous relationships was brought up, he didn’t try to avoid the questions and directly answered them.

“I’ve been in situations where it starts from friendship and then unconsciously turns into me liking that person. Although this may be a way to like a girl, I don’t really understand it myself. I just feel that having someone who has common interests and similarities as me is a really good feeling. It seems as though any person I get along with is my type. People I don’t really match with are girls who are arrogant and over-bearing.”

Wishes for a normal relationship

“I can do things well around the house. So whether it’s cleaning or cooking, I would be willing to do anything for my girlfriend. But if she says, ‘then you can do everything’, I will be disappointed (laughs). I like it when they say ‘let me help you do something’. It doesn’t matter how well they do it because I will be very happy as long as they tried their best.”

Although he isn’t a late bloomer in the romance department, he still feels shy when it comes to confessing.

“It’s hard for me to say ‘I like you, let’s date’, face to face with a girl. That’s why I think of other ways to express my feelings. For example, writing letters and secretly putting it into her bag, or writing ‘I like you~’ on a dessert box I bought for her. I think these ways are much better. I like to come up with ideas that surprise people. Now, I don’t have chances to confess, but when I think about situations like those, I wonder if she will be surprised…”

Continuing on about wishful thinking, where in Tokyo would he like to go on a date?

“(Immediately) Daiba! For work, I frequently pass by Daiba, but never actually got the chance to have some fun there. Rainbow Bridge has a beautiful night scene so it could be a suitable place for a date. On the whole, the places I want to go to are rather normal. Holding hands, walking across the crossroads of Shibuya, shopping at 109, etc., I wish for all these ordinary things.”

Lastly, moving the topic back to his television drama, what plans does Jaejoong have?

“Right now I am working hard in the filming of the drama. But in my heart, I still have a strong wish– which is to sing. The stage is where I belong, and that’s the most important thing to me. So, I still want to stand on that stage and bring everybody happiness.”

a/n: M stands for Masochist. The other type is S- Sadist.


The whole photo shoot was shown to everyone!

“I want to eat pork chop bento!”

When the signal bell rang for the shoot to finish, Jaejoong shouted out this phrase, making the staff burst out in laughter. In order to prepare for the day of the shoot, he especially controlled his diet the day before to maintain his form. Perhaps this was also to prepare for him for the delicious pork chop feast after the shoot!

“Appearing on a cover for the first time alone made me very nervous the day before the shoot. I have to try my hardest!”

During the shoot, he must photograph a perfect expression without an ounce of apprehension. In the beginning of the shoot, a female staff shouted “Well done!”, which caused the shoot to pause due to Jaejoong’s embarrassment. As the shoot progressed on, the atmosphere of the set became more relaxed with him posing with a peace sign and saying “Kimuchi”, singing, and mischievously playing with a recently popular toy –a wooden club.

For the shoot to present a new side of Jaejoong, Jaejoong himself positively suggested ideas. The fresh look of soft, tousled hair was actually Jaejoong’s own idea!

After the shoot, he enthusiastically shook hands with the staff members and happily announced that the prize of the day was a pork chop bento!

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