[TRANS] 100409 TVXQ 3 Members, Hidden Large-Scaled Project?

Attention Fans: D-Day is in May!
TVXQ 3 Members – Their First ‘Independent’ Step

TVXQ’s Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun, and Kim Jaejoong have officially started their solo activities.

On the 6th & 7th of April, they filmed their commercial for Lotte Duty Free, which was their first scheduled appearance of the year together and, in a sense, their warm up activity. Since then, they have received plenty of attention from the public. This advertisement will broadcasted simultaneously in China and Japan, and will provide consolation to fans who have been worried about the group’s’ recent news on their indefinite hiatus. Korean fans, as well as fans from across Asia, are nervously anticipating upcoming activities of the three members.

The main focus is on the 3 members, and how they will continue on with activities as singers. Their Japanese Management Company, AVEX, expressed that although activities of TVXQ have been suspended, it does not mean that their individual singing activities will follow suit. As professional singers, they are entitled to do their job, so there are always solutions in ensuring their future in singing. In addition, during their fan meeting last December, they were unable to perform songs under the name of TVXQ. This adds to the reason why individual activities should be pursued. Therefore, there have been sayings that they are preparing for an extensive international-stage project.

It can be recognized that in the future, the 3 members’ activities will be in the form of ‘together, but separate’. They have already started their own individual activities with Jaejoong debuting on the big screen through ‘Heaven’s Postman’ that aired last year. Furthermore, he has also been cast as one of the main characters of upcoming Fuji TV drama, ‘Sunao Ni Narenakute’. Junsu participated in the musical ‘Mozart’ and will soon release his first solo single. Yoochun frequently travels between Japan and Korea, and has been confirmed to appear in Japanese mobile drama ‘Loving You’ and Korean historical drama ‘Sungkyunkwan University Scandal’. The 3 members’ representative was reserved in the statement, “As of now, there are still areas that have not been confirmed yet”.

Coincidentally on the SM side, Shim Changmin and Jung Yunho have also expanded their experience in the acting field. Last year, Yunho was exposed to mainstream acting through MBC drama ‘Heading To The Ground’. Changmin and same label-mate, actress Lee Yeon Hee, are currently in the process of filming ‘Paradise Meadow’.

a/n: about the massive “international project”, it is all just speculation– nothing has been confirmed yet so don’t assume that this is true

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