[TRANS] 100106 Kim Junsu Sets New Record – All 15 “Mozart!” Performances Sold Out

TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu (Kim Junsu) created a new record in the acting industry.

All the dates for Kim Junsu’s performances in the musical “Mozart!”, where he plays the lead character, have been sold out. Kim Junsu will be acting in 15 of the 41 performances and in a short span of time, all 45,000 tickets have been sold out.

When news came out that Kim Junsu would has been confirmed for the role, it could already be seen that his “power” was beyond that of others. During the first ticket sales, his fans bought 6,000 tickets in under an hour, and not only did all the tickets sell out within two hours when the second ticket sales started, his fans also caused the site to crash. During the third and fourth sales, although tickets to Kim Junsu’s performances were sold at a different time, all the tickets sold out under three hours, despite slow internet speed due to high traffic.

This is a situation that has not been seen in a long time, even with Jo Seung Woo performing. Although other artists from Super Junior (Kangin, Heechul, Yesung, Sungmin), Girls’ Generation (Jessica), Big Bang (Daesung, Seungri) and FT Island (Hongki, Jaejin) participated in musicals, such tremendous results were not seen.

A musical actor needs to have the ability to dance, sing and act all at the same time, and doubts that were raised over the choice of Kim Junsu, an idol singer who does not have any experience in musicals, were eradicated by this evidence of Kim Junsu’s ticket power.

Sell-out ticket sales is not the only benefit of having an idol star participate. Because of Kim Junsu, those in their teens and twenties are more concerned about “Mozart!” and there is a growing interest in musicals. This helps in boosting overall sales of tickets as they develop an interest in watching the other actors’ performances as well.

Representative of EMK Musical Company, as well as Producer from “Mozart!”, Um Hong-hyeon also expressed that this is an opportunity to expand the audience market for musicals to include those in their late teens and early twenties.

“Mozart!”, the most highly anticipated production for the first half of 2010, will be performed at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts from 20 January until 20 February 2010.

Source: [newsculture.TV]
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