[OPINION] 100221 Xiah Junsu “I Was Hesitant At First When I Was Asked To Be Mozart”

“I was able to get this far thanks to your love. Thank you.”

Xiah Junsu, who successfully debuted as a musical actor through <Mozart!>, gave a special thanks to his fans at the curtain call of the last Seoul performance on the 20th.

Xiah Junsu said, “I am glad to see you all because it’s been quite a while since I’ve talked to you all like this,” and “Because there were a lot of hard things going on before I chose this piece, I was hesitant at first when I was asked for the first time to take on this role.”

He smiled brightly and continued to say, “However, I believe I am able to stand before you in this spot because the staff, actors and ensemble here treat me like family,” and “I hope I’m able to mature more to become a better Mozart.”

Xiah Junsu’s unexpected suprise comment was greeted by the fans cheers and applause. This marked the birth of a new ‘Musical Star’ in the Korean performance culture.

Xiah Junsu gave a finale with an expression drenched in emotions, and the entire cast drew hearts with their arms to thank their audience members for their support. A few tears escaped some of the fans as they felt moved and diasppointed that an end had come. Even after the performance had ended and all the lights had been turned back on, the audience was unable to leave their seats, enthralled by the lingering imagery of ‘Xiahzart!’

▲Xiah Junsu’s succesful musical debut Xiah Junsu overpowered the audience and stage with his passionate performances in his debut musical <Mozart!>

Absorbed Character with Outstanding Control of Voice… The creation of a new Mozart with his own color

Xiah Junsu was able to overpower and captivate his audience and the stage till the very last scene at the last show with a passionate performance. It seemed as though he, who was on stage most of the time during the 140 minute performance, even enjoyed just being on stage. His nervous tension of the past had disappeared and he conducted the stage with acting that brought out his strengths.

Although this was only his debut show, he was able to naturally lead the stage. Thanks to his careful tuning, <Mozart!> was a comedy at times, and a tragedy at others. His charisma, that captured the stage as well as 3022 audience members, did not have any trouble in taking in the authentic Austrian musical.

Mozart, who shrieks from the feeling of being caught in a maelstrom of generations and dreams of love and freedom, was dynamically portrayed with ripped jeans and reggae hair. His expression became more relaxed and was enough to recreate the life of the genius composer who wrote the music of the universe. This was why the audience was able to become immersed in the performance more comfortably than before.

He effectively showed the tight tension that was created from Mozart’s clashes with society and internal battles, and his naivety cheerfully relaxed the hostile relationship between other roles. His outstanding control over his voice and body gave him the ability to give restrained reactions that became the foundations for the other actors’ detailed acting.

Each meticulous breath, for which he seemed to have calculated each in advance, and each minute trembling of his hand was a brilliant tool that helped him further develop his image as a tormented genius musician, and his amazing ability to absorb his character was able to further enrich the performance.

▲Perfect portrayal of a tormented genius musician Xiah Junsu’s amazing ability to absorb his character was able to further enrich the performance.

“I am Music”… Mozart’s Soliloquy could be Xiah Junsu’s confession

During his 15 performances, Xiah Junsu was able to silence the critics who pointed out when he first began that his delivery of lines was still lacking. He created a new and unique Mozart with his own color and style. This clearly shows how much he worked to perfect his role during the 15 shows.

Xiah Junsu’s captivating voice moved the audience so that each audience member was able to connect with the show. The music rising from his lips made hearts beat faster. The 33 member orchestra only added more to the atmosphere.

He, whose explosive energy shook the stage, was no longer idol group TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu. The reason as to why composer Sylvester Levay nodded, gave two thumbs up and highly praised the singer became more evident as the show progressed. Xiah Junsu proved that his ticket power that sold out all the seats in the theater was not merely from his popularity. He has earned his place amongst the audience’s cheers and the critics’ praises.

“I am the master in my music”
“I want to keep walking down my path!”
“Love me for who I am”

There were times when Mozart’s soliloquies sounded like Xiah Junsu’s own confessions.

At the last Seoul performance <Xiahzart!>’s ‘Ad-lib’ Explosion… Disarmed taut tension in an instant

▲Surprise ad-libs give audience a different and joyful experience The ad-libs that burst out during tense scenes disarmed the taut tension in an instant and bettered concentration levels.

Xiah Junsu, who transformed into a genius musician who dreams of love and freedom and love in <Mozart!>, enthralled the audience with his explosive ad-libs during his last Seoul performance on the 20th.

Xiah Junsu, who showcased excellent acting and replayed the life of a musician gifted by God, used his strong connection with his fellow cast members to give the audience a different and joyful experience with unexpected ad-libs.

The first moment that caught people’s attention was scene 12. While Mozart mingled with the Weber family under disguise at a fair in Vienna and memorized four letter idioms, he unexpectedly said the words ‘TVXQ’ and ‘Xiah Junsu’. The fans immediately cheered in delight.

During the scene in which Mozart meets Constanze and falls in love with her, he slightly lifted up her skirt as we see little children do when they are playing and perfectly portrayed a laid back Mozart.

The highlight was scene 14. After Prince Archbishop Colloredo’s distraction causes Mozart to lose a chance to perform in front of the emperor, the musician confronts Colloredo and declares that he will never leave Vienna. During this confrontation, Xiah Junsu blurted out ‘Bbanggoo Ddonggoo*’ and Min Young Gi played off this and said, “Bbanggo Ddonggoo? What’s that?” and “Chamberlain Arco, do you know what Bbanggoo Ddonggoo is?” and made the audience burst into laughter.

The ad-libs that burst out during tense scenes disarmed the taut tension in an stant and bettered concentration levels. The ad-libs amidst the rapid pace of the plot gave the show more life and made the experience more enjoyable.

The audience members said, “The unexpected ad-libs, which did not affect the original, made the atmosphere more cheerful,” and “Xiah Junsu’s light yet witty ad-libs were especially better portrayed a bright side of Mozart that made him more appealing.”

*”Bbanggoo Ddonggo” is a name that Haeri from sitcom ‘High Kick through the Roof’ calls people she does not like and has become very popular in Korea.

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