[TRANS] 100222 Xiah Junsu Invited Volunteer Workers To Mozart!

▲ Xiah Junsu ‘Secretly Gives Back’ Xiah Junsu invited representatives from global organization Adra Korea to Mozart! and showed his gratitude.

It was found that ‘Asia’s Star’ Xiah Junsu invited representatives from a global organization to musical <Mozart!> on the 20th.

Xiah Junsu invited volunteer workers and representatives from Adra Korea such as Shin Sung Eun and Jin Hanna for that night’s performance.

These volunteer workers spent the last year in Cambodia helping children and creating a better environment for people to live in. During this time, the volunteer workers helped create a village which was later dubbed the ‘Xiah Junsu Village’ because the funds had come from Xiah Junsu’s fans.

The invitation occurred when Xiah Junsu heard of the volunteer workers’ return to Korea. Xiah Junsu invited them to his waiting room after the concert and conversed with them and showed his gratitude for their work.

The volunteer workers said, “Thanks to Xiah Junsu and his fans, the living conditions of areas in Cambodia were improved and many are now able to live in clean environments.” Xiah Junsu is said to have replied, “If I have spare time, I hope to visit the village.”

The ‘Xiah Junsu Village’ was created from donations made by Xiah Junsu and his fans and was used to better the living conditions that were damaged by natural disasters and to help children in the area. The work was done under Xiah Junsu and his fans’ names. The village was put in the spotlight when it was found that the village was named after Xiah Junsu.

Source: [ohmynewsDNBN]
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