[TRANS] 100324 Conversation between [Sunao Ni Narenakute] Cast When They First Met

T/N: Below is a cut from the television weekly magazine

JJ: Because this is my first attempt at a Japanese drama I’m really nervous… ‘Doctor’ is troubled because of his family and job, but he still has a chivalrous heart. Although I really like this character, it’s really hard… Before we started filming, we already had a get together. The relationship between all 5 of us is very heartwarming.

Ueno: Puppy? (laugh) But I’m really very happy. Tamayama is very ‘high’ and Jejung keeps telling jokes.

JJ: (Shy) My character is very interesting so I want to make everyone laugh. Although when I joke using Japanese, the atmosphere gets a little delicate in 2 seconds… (laugh)

Tamayama: He’s really cute like that~~ His face immediately turns red and he looks really innocent when he covers his face with his hands.

Megumi: Jejung is a special person that is loved by everyone…

JJ: Not true~ (shy) Not only does Tamayama play the main lead out of all 5 of us, he’s also like the neighbourhood older brother (laugh). Ah, if only it’s possible, I’d like to experience exciting encounters just like in the show.

Tamayama: Jejung keeps giving me drinks and I can’t remember what happened towards the end (laugh).

JJ: I want to do it again! Moodmaker Eita, please take care of it.

Eita: Eh? … I don’t want to carry the burden of just being the moodmaker (laugh)

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