[TRANS] 100324 Short Interview With Jejung – [Sunao Ni Narenakute]

 It has been revealed that the Japanese drama [Sunao Ni Narenakute] is slated to air on 15 April 2010.

Q: How did you feel when it was decided that you will be part of this drama?
JJ: I thought to myself “Is this for real?” I couldn’t believe it. Using Japanese to act, there are more or less worries about it.

Q: What did the TVXQ members who are in Korea say to you?
JJ: They said, “Pull up your socks, take care of your health and do your best” and “This is a really good experience for Jejung.”

Q: Your impression of Eita and Ueno?
JJ: Eita is a really good drinker (laugh). Ueno gives off a really happy image, you’ll feel ‘healed’ after seeing her act.

Q: Do you really like Eriko Kitagawa’s scripts?
JJ: At first I didn’t know that the script was by Eriko Kitagawa, so when I realised it, I was really happy and surprised. [Long Vacation] is my favourite.

Source: [heyjj]
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