[TRANS] 100328 Exclusive Interview With Kim Junsu: “About To Release Japanese Single

Ever since they raised the issue of contract termination with SM Entertainment in July 2009, the movement of TVXQ’s 3 members, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu, have been a focal point of interest for all the major media bodies. On the afternoon of 28 March, Kim Junsu’s twin brother, Kim Junho, held his showcase in Beijing to announce his official debut in China. Junsu was also at the performance venue to show his support and cheer on his brother. After singing Whitney Houston’s <<Greatest Love Of All>>, Junsu accepted an exclusive interview with Sohu backstage.

In the interview, which took place with limited time, Junsu consistently showed the passion and perseverance he has towards his own path in music and he is full of expectations and willingness to work hard when it comes to his upcoming solo Japanese single. Also, when the Chinese fans were mentioned, Junsu first said, “I feel very apologetic towards everyone”, but he also expressed his wish that in future there would be a chance for him to “keep staying in China and have more chances to perform for the Chinese fans”.

The following is the transcript of the interview.

Q. As your first solo work and a style that you’ve never tried before, the musical <<Mozart!>> was very successful. Through this process, what did you gain and what are your thoughts on it?

Thank you. The musical was a new challenge for me. At that time I was really nervous and worried, so thankfully, I was able to work with a lot of experienced seniors and completed it successfully, so I’m really happy.

Q. It’s spring now and Junsu is allergic to pollen. How is your health recently?

Recently, the symptoms have been appearing slowly so as precaution, I’m drinking a lot of water daily and wearing a mask as well.

Q. I remember during a Japanese interview, you said that you like coconut trees. Is it because coconut trees have no pollen?

Ah, now that you mention it, this is indeed another plus about coconut trees!

Q. Actually coconut trees give off a very passionate vibe. Is it because you like this trait that you like it?

Actually the reason I like coconut trees is because in Korea it’s really hard to see coconut trees aside from Jeju Island. When I go overseas and see coconut trees, it gives me a strong feeling like “Right now, I’m really out of the country.” Also, compared to a city view, I like the sea better and the warm feeling of sunshine. So when I see coconut trees, it makes me feel comfortable. Besides, I think that the coconut tree looks the nicest compared to other trees (laugh).

Q. As there are few personal activities and a lack of access to your schedule, the Chinese fans are concerned about what you’re doing recently?

I will be releasing a solo single in Japan soon and most of the recording have been more or less completed by now. Now we’re about to go into the post-production phase and dance choreography. Recently, I’ve been concentrating on this new single.

Q. Any expectations you have towards your solo single? For example, becoming #1 on the Oricon Charts on the day of release?

Of course, if that’s possible, it would be the best. However, the competition is stiff because there are many excellent singers in Japan, so I won’t make “I have to get a daily Oricon #1” as a target. I just want to show off the colour that only belongs to me, my style, my music. I will be content if people listen to the single and go, “Ah! This really exudes Xiah’s (Junsu) characteristics!”

Q. On the topic of your brother, Junho recorded songs in Chinese this time and you yourself is skilled in production of music, so did you participate? Do you have any wishes or hopes for Junho’s future development in China?

During the recording process and even after that, he would ask me for my opinion and he would also let me hear the music first once the recording is complete. When he was practicing his dancing, I also went to visit him often. I also feel that he (as a singer) performs really well, and he’s so serious about it, so I sincerely hope that he can develop to become better and better; I’ll always cheer him on.

Q. Also, as a senior in the music industry, is there anything that you want to warn your brother, as a newbie, about?

Ah, actually for myself (as a singer), even when I perform now, there’s a lot of imperfection… But if I have to give a word of warning as a senior who stepped out into the industry earlier, I would say that you must have the confidence to say “On this stage, I am the best.” As long as you have this confidence, everyone can see if when you’re performing, and I think this is something you cannot lack as an artist. When I saw my brother’s performance onstage just now, he showed off his singing and dancing really well and I feel so proud of him.

Q. Yunho, Jaejoong and Changmin had their debut drama projects. Does Junsu have any plans to develop in this area as well?

Hmm, although it’s not the usual acting, but through the musical I think I also experienced a new project that tested my acting capabilities as well. Of course, a musical consists of acting and singing so my experience was handy. To really act, of course I’d like to try that, but before that, I still need to train harder on my acting skills. Also, compared to this, at present I still wish to have further development in terms of music. I feel that I have yet to show everyone my other talents in the music aspect and I also wish to show everyone greater progress in this area. So with regards to acting, I might have to put it aside for now. Of course, if there’s a suitable chance in future, I will definitely challenge it once.

Q. So have you ever thought of the kind of lead you want to portray?

Lead or supporting lead is both fine, as long as it’s suitable for me.

Q. Do you have any plans on how to develop your acting career?

Like I said earlier, for now I want to place my full concentration and efforts into my upcoming Japanese single. After that in June, I want to go and watch the World Cup… (laugh).

Q. Will you base all your work overseas? Or like Junho, hold your own fan meeting in China?

Up until now, most of the work was done in Korea and Japan and the chance to perform in China is still very little. Everyone feels sorry about that. If there really is a chance in future, and I can stay in China without leaving (t/n: he meant it like ‘loitering’) (laugh), of course I’ll hope to repay the Chinese fans through music. Also, I believe that such a day will come.

Q. Finally, through our cameras, say something to the Chinese fans that you’ve not met in a long while!

Today through my brother’s fanmeet, I finally get to meet everyone whom I’ve not seen in a long while. Firstly, I feel apologetic towards everyone and I also miss all of you, so please wait a little longer. Also, I sincerely hope that everyone can be happy and healthy. Besides that, I also hope that I can stand before everyone again soon, and perform for you properly, not just sing one song (unlike today). Together with me, let’s hope for that day to come and thank you for the love that you’ve all shown me.

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