[TRANS] 100410 Sunao Ni Narenakute Eita Interview – Jejung Is Very Honest

Interviewer:  Please talk about your impression of Juri, Jejung, Megumi, and Tetsuji

Eita: In my opinion, Jejung is a very straightforward and honest person.
During our photoshoot for the promotional poster, I was pondering to myself– when Jejung wanted to express his feelings and thoughts, did he go over it once through his head in Korean, and then change it to Japanese when he says it out loud?
In the drama, there will definitely be some type of complicating entanglement between our characters in the future. I do hope that before that happens, I can be more in contact with Jejung so when we are together, it will be more enjoyable.

(parts not involving Jejung is omitted)

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