[TRANS] 100425 Hero Jejung's Value As An Actor

Recently, there have been two Koreans who have participated in Japanese dramas that are currently airing– Choi Hong Man and Kim Jejung.
Both of them aren’t professional actors, and it isn’t in their own own native country, Korea. But it’s the fact that starting their acting career in Japanese dramas that surprises people the most.

What differentiates Hero Jejung from Choi Hong Man in terms of acting abilities is his fluent Japanese and his centralized acting on the whole.
He perfectly digests the character through acting, and although he is deficient in some parts, with time, he will be able to make up his inadequacies with enough practice.

Therefore, it can be seen that his value as an actor is considerably high.

Two weeks ago, with the broadcast of drama “Sunao Ni Narenakute”, it’s serious theme represented the different struggles and difficulties modern people of Japan face everyday in their lives. As a Korean, Hero Jejung was able to astonish everyone with his debut acting, earning himself an up-to-standard grade. Forming a love triangle together with outstanding Japanese actors Eita and Ueno Juri, he was able to express his character naturally.

Though he is still in the lawsuit with SM, his amount of recognition in Japan will help him out a lot in the future. Being able to participate in Japan’s most excellent script-writer, Eriko Kitagawa’s works, has consolidated Jejung’s profile as an actor.

As a professional singer while simultaneously acting at the side, this drama is without a doubt very important for him. Because of his current situation with his group, Tohoshinki, in order for his official Japanese activities, he must put his fundamental image from the group aside, and be able to object himself to everyone’s judgment to him as an actor.

Comparative to other actor’s’ natural acting, Hero Jejung still has traces of it being acting though he has a substantial amount of personal character. But it obvious that he tries his best so it will only be a question of time.

Let us continue to support and anticipate future activities of Hero Jejung as a dynamic actor after “Sunao Ni Narenakute”!

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