[TRANS] 100505+07+09 Yoochun Cyworld Updates


The shooting has already started
My heart feels really excited… I will try to work my best…
Because I’ve already cried so many times…


1: It’s Okay – The Film
2: Drama, Love, And ‘Lationships – Babyface
3: For Who You Are – Hillsong


In the midst of a cold~~ RUBY RED!!!!!
Woah~ I have to compose and practice~
Buy gifts for my parents… — –;;


1: Empty
2: Tell Me Again Tomorrow – Kim Dong Hee
3: When All Hope Is Gone – Tiago Lorc
4: Wanna Know – Frankie J


That’s also happiness…
Everything How can you explain it…

There will be fear in the end…
If it could be expressed And because there will be happiness by expressing it Won’t go this path
To me this path…
Also implying revising life
Even if for any reason All aren’t paths that are easily chosen

Hello We Are… (DBSK)
This was… (DBSK)
Thank you…

Miss this more than anyone.

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