[TRANS] 100511 ARENA 37°C June Edition – Junsu Interview

Q: Although this is the first time interviewing you as XIAH Junsu, looking at your shooting film, the song “Intoxication” in your solo single “XIAH” had a very sexy atmosphere throughout it, including the very mature voice and melody added to it.
A: (Shy) Thank you, have you already listened to it?

Q: I have listened to it, it was so sexy it was really surprising! You composed the song yourself– when did you start coming up with this image?

A: This song was conceived when I was still in Korea making music. I was able to use the name “XIAH” to record this song and try this type of song genre. I’ve always wanted to create a song that includes elements of African-American R&B, as well as something that I was able to dance to while singing. There have been many J-POP and other genres of songs appearing in the Japanese music scene, so I wondered if I could make this song a great and completely different one compared to others.

Q: This is a very sexy love song– do you have any specific requirements for the lyrics?
A: I hope that the lyrics can bring out a very sensual feeling. At first, there were phrases that were neither Japanese nor English that were added into the song when I test sung it. The “touch me baby” part in the chorus just naturally came out while I was singing, and I felt it seemed more and more interesting as I sang on (laughs). So in order for the feeling of that part to come ‘alive’, I pleaded the lyricist to add “touch me baby” into the the song. Just like that, lyricist Mr. H.U.B wrote out this song for me.

Q: Are the lyrics of the song close to the image you wanted?
A: Yes, I wanted the rhythm and melody to intertwine with the Japanese lyrics to express a unique feeling to it. Like the part “start from our fingers, from head to toe, going to find your secret honey”, the two ending consonants were repeated. I am very satisfied with the results.

Q: The whispering-singing technique is also very good. What area of the song do you think fans will pay close attention to?

A: This song is sung as a pop song. I think the rhythm is very animated, so it is very important how you sing the song, good or bad. There were many low tones added in so I feel that it is a very suitable song to perform on-stage.

Q: Even the breathing in the song transmits the feeling of love-making right?

A: Maybe what you heard were the preliminary sounds before the mixing tool combined the tones. I think the completed song sounds much more better.

Q: What? A higher level of sultriness?

A: Ah, not like that (laughs). I just want a great overall atmosphere and balance of the sounds.

Q: Does this song seem like more of a challenge compared to your songs before?
A: This is my first time trying out a genre like R&B. Although in “Xiahtic”, there was an intense tune, it was still considered as more of a dance song. This time, I want a song that combines both singing and dancing.

Q: I am curious as to how the fans will react to this song– what do you think?
A: (Shyly) I will try my best (laughs).

Q: I think that while the song title “Intoxication” gives you a sense of being enraptured in a dream, it is your voice that memorizes the listeners.
A: Is that so? (embarrassed)

Q: Did you feel embarrassed when you were recording the song?

A: Not at all. I don’t know how it would have been if there were females present at the time, but since the PV only had males, I didn’t feel uncomfortable (laughs).

Q: When you shot the PV, did you also wear a black suit like you are wearing now, entering into a black-imaged world to shoot the song?
A: During the making of this song, I wondered about things like, “are these clothes compatible?” Because the song’s atmosphere is sexy rather than luxurious, I wore a blazer with a tank top and sarouel pants underneath. The dance and pants really suited each other.

Q: Will the dance be presented in the PV?
A: Yes, the most important point of the PV is to show the excellent choreography.

Q: Will there be any females appearing in the PV?
A: No, it’s all male (laughs).

Q: I see. The second song in this single, “Kanashimi no Yukue”, really suited your husky voice because of the sorrowful narratives of the ballad. The powerful singing and the conflicting interpretation of the chorus really made me feel as if my heart was being tightly seized.

A: You can say that “Intoxication” is a song that expresses a man’s outer appearances, while “Kanashimi no Yukue” shows a man’s innermost depths of his heart, a song that truthfully displays the weakness a man desperately tries to hide.

Q: So this song can also be considered as another type of adult maturity?
A: Yes, there are different feelings to the two songs right? I hope everyone can listen to see for themselves. My favorite part of the song is “Ending happiness, in return is my endless sorrow”. When I first read the lyrics, I really thought like this too. Although different people will have different feelings towards this when listening to it, their mood will probably still change. For example, it didn’t actually happen to you personally, but when you hear other people talking about it, you will also have a resonance to what it being said, being able to feeling that type of pain. Ending… just like the person’s heart isn’t with you anymore, the situation would call for you to turn around and leave right? But it is actually better this way. Compared to ending, I think accepting “it’s already changed” is essentially much more difficult. I believe that the lyrics to this song is trying to express the point that being in love is happiness. From the bottom of my heart, I really think it’s wonderful!

Q: Please tell us the reason as to why “XIAH” was used as the title of this single.

A: There were things that I wanted people to see and things that were deeply buried in my heart that were fully expressed in this solo single. I want people to see a different “Xiah”, so of course it had to be named that. Right now, the Japanese fans have seen “Junsu”, so I hope in the future, everyone can see the “Xiah” side of me.

Q: It’s like stepping out a brand new step! What attributes do you think a sexy man must posses?
A: (Thinking) Requirements of sexy man?

Q: Are there any men around you that you think are sexy?
A: Because I’m a man myself, I don’t really think whether a man is sexy or not. (Puzzled) It’s kind of hard to answer…

Q: Then lets change a question. In the lyrics of “Kanashimi no Yukue”, there’s a phrase “don’t cry”. Have you ever been stumped as to what to do when being faced with a girl in tears?

A: (Immediately) I really am not an expert in that.

Q: What if a girl cries in front of you?

A: I would be at a complete loss (laughs).

Q: Is it that you wouldn’t know what the best thing to do would be?

A: It’s that I can’t stand it (laughs).

Q: “What happened?”, would you ask her that?

A: I would say, “what’s wrong?”

Q: Indeed, that’s a very gentle way.

A: Yes, it is (laughs).

Q: Do you cry too?
A: I won’t in front of women. If I did, it would either be by myself or in front of my older brother.

Q: So it’s like that. Speaking of that, what type of person do you think a mature man should be?
A: In short, a person with a caring heart for others.

Q: A person who considers other people?

A: Yes, I think that type of man is a true man. A man who doesn’t need power or influence, but rather a considerate man– that is the best type of man.

Q: So you often keep these thoughts in you heart?
A: Yes, I want to become a man like that, putting ladies as top priority. But it also isn’t just towards females, it can also be applied to males. Being able to care about others frequently, in my opinion, makes a man super handsome.

Q: Then this is also related to sexiness?
A: Yes, I think that is a very important point.

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