[TRANS] 100511 Arena 37 C – Jaejoong

 [Premiere of drama & backstage interview 2010.4.12 @ Tokyo FM Hall]

Although I was very nervous because it was my first time being in a Japanese drama, everyone treated me very sincerely and this is what enabled the smooth filming of the drama!

In the Fuji TV drama “Hard to say I love you”, it’s the first time Jaejoong is acting and he was also present in the premiere of the drama as well as the backstage interview. On that day, all 5 main leads expressed their thoughts on the first episode after watching it. At the same time, Jaejoong also mentioned his feelings as he challenges acting for the first time. Next, we will talk about the situation of the activities that day!

To be able to see my face in a Japanese drama is a really fresh expereince! (Laugh)
Every time “Doctor” is feeling hurt, he will think of ‘Haru’. That is why I really envy ‘Nakaji’ (laugh)

“Hard to say I love you” is a drama that focuses one 5 friends who met through Twitter and how their relationship slowly grew to real friendship as well as the love story that happens within them. This drama will start airing from the 15th of April, every Thursday at 10 PM on Fuji TV. However, before the airing of the first episode, they held a “Premiere & backstage interview” event. Those who attended the backstage interview not only had the script writer and the directors of the drama but all the leads as well as Jaejoong, who is appearing in a Japanese drama for the first time. Before the premiere of the first episode, the 7 got on the stage and had a short greeting session under the request of the host. Eita very confidently said, “Just like the atmosphere everyone is feeling now, when the 5 of us were filming, we co-operated very well. I believe that from the 2nd episode onwards, everyone will like this drama.” Jaejoong also smiled and said to everyone, “I’m really happy today..”. Following that, he looked at the the host and then the audience while saying, “I am really grateful that I am able to attend the event today. Although it is my first time acting in a Japanese drama and I’m really nervous but thanks to everyone’s sincere care for me, the drama had a smooth filming process.”

Next, the audience who came for the event as well as major media representatives all watched the first episode of the drama. The leads were also watching it in another room.

Jaejoong who was prepared for the attention donned a suit for his first appearance as he attends the Twitter meeting. This is a scene that has not been seen ’till now and made everyone’s eyes twinkle. Jaejoong acted as a guy who has “Doctor” as his Twitter username but in reality, he is working as a young salesman for a company that produces hospital machines and he was called Park Jung-su. Because his sales result did not increase and is constantly being bullied in the company, his superior had already poured water over his head in the first episode. Also, while he was in the office by himself, he stood next to board that contained the sales results and placed the “first place” red flower onto his name. The scene was particularly heart aching. He also had feelings towards the character that Ueno acted as, Haru, and whether he will confess or find another love would be something everyone should look forward to as the story advances.

After about an hour or so when the first episode was done, the 5 main leads once again appeared and garnered much applause from the crowd.

First of all, Eita said, “I really want to watch 2nd episode now!” which garnered another round of applause from the crowd. Next, Ueno also expressed her thoughts as a professional actress, “When I was reading through the script, my heart would feel heavier but in front of the camera, I somehow feel happier.” Next, Jaejoong had been asked, “how do you think your acting was?” and his answer to it was, “Ya, to be able to see my face in a Japanese drama is really a fresh experience. (laugh) I would ask myself if that person is really Jaejoong.” Indeed, to Jaejong who could only learn Japanese through dramas as well as comics when he just came to Japan, it must have felt really fresh to be able to see his own self in something like this. Next, he said, “I am a person who shouts while watching dramas. I kept thinking what the other scenes were like, and when it reached the part about Linda, I exploded. (Laugh)”. The actor who acted as Linda said, “There was a shout that came from the other room.” It is said that it is because Jaejoong watched the scene where Linda had a kissing scene with his own superior and couldn’t hold his reaction in. When the actor just finished saying, “I really want to film a scene where I’m drinking canned coffee with my superior. (Laugh)”, Jaejoong immediately replied saying, “I look forward!”. Amidst the question and answer session with the main leads, I was able to feel the co-operation the had during the filming.

Also, regarding his role as “Doctor”, Jaejoong answered, “When ‘Doctor’ meets an obstacle, he will try his best to overcome it. When he feels hurt, he would think of ‘Haru’. That is why, I really envy ‘Nakaji’. (Laugh)” And this answer had also made the atmosphere at the scene much lighter. After the session, there was time for the major media representatives to take photos and although the amount of representatives threatened to burst the scene, the shooting was done smoothly.

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