[TRANS] 100514 Musical Mozart Director Interview – Reason To Pick Junsu?

Q: In regards to the casting of Xiah Junsu…

All the actors, including the backup singers, were all chosen by me. As for Junsu, I actually really wanted him to participate in this from the start. But it was very regretful that he was involved in some conflict with his company, so I couldn’t help but give up on that hope. Later on, Jo Sung Mo passed the auditions, but injured himself on a television show… (middle omitted)… so in the end, Junsu decided to perform.

Q. Why did you want Junsu to participate right from the start?

Firstly, his voice is extraordinary, and his image is also very good. As long as he has the will to persevere, he will definitely be able to successfully finish a product, and I have strong confidence in that. As a result, Junsu gave us such a fulfilling inspiration beyond what we would have ever anticipated. Junsu evokes sincerity from the bottom of his heart as he potrays the character, which also makes other actors feel very joyful.

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