[TRANS] 100518 Xiah Junsu – SMART Magazine Shooting Report Vol.1

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I’m very sorry for making everybody wait so long! Below is Junsu’s shooting report Vol. 1

In my April 20 blog, I mentioned that Xiah Junsu-kun would be on SMART!
Appearing on the SMART 4 Monthly Issue in February, he caused a big, big, big reaction from everyone
Junsu himself was also very satisfied with the shoot
Now, for the release of his solo single, Junsu has once again come back to SMART!

(April SMART Issue)

This time, he will appear as a special model in this top, word-class brand special issue!
Everyone must know that when this handsome, luxury top brand and top celebrities come together, it creates a dream-like perfection that can only be realized by SMART!
The main reason we are able to make this come true is from the support of the vast number of hardworking readers who bought the SMART 4 Monthly Issue and supports Junsu’s activities!
Thank you!

To thank everyone for their efforts, I will present this time’s shooting report!

Some day in April, the shooting was held at Tokyo Studio
The detailed consultations that started a few months back are finally becoming reality
Because it was a cooperation between a superstar and a big brand, the SMART shooting was a little different from before, with a special aura overflowing on set

The photographer and costume stylists arrived on-set 30 minutes before Junsu did, preparing beforehand
I confirmed the outfits with the stylists and discussed the process of the shoot with the photographer, walking here and there casually
But on the inside, I was filled with a type of anxiety that could not be expressed through words

Due to the shoot before this, I’ve met Junsu once, but of course, that was 3 months ago
Would the ever-so-busy Junsu still remember me from previous SMART photo shoots…?

Also, because of his busy schedule of recording and shooting his PV
“How is your condition today?”
“Are you really tired?”
etc.. Such questions have been constantly occupying my mind while I prepared

Unknowingly, it was already time for Junsu to arrive
Within the time frame, the elevator at the entrance of the set opened, and out came Junsu along with his manager!
As expected, the aura of a big star is totally different!
Even though we’ve met before once, I still deeply felt his presence once again

Just when I wanted to greet him, Junsu beat me to it with a bright smile on his face
“Ah~ Igarashi-san, it’s been a while! Thank you so much for the other time!”
He actually still remembers me after our only meeting 3 months ago…
I’m not joking, I was so ecstatic that I started tearing up!

I will reveal the details of the happy atmosphere of the shoot in my blog next time!
There might even be photos of the shooting scene released!?

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