[INTERVIEW] 120627 New Daily’s Star Talk with Yoochun



– Are the fans actively supporting you as you juggle acting and singing activities? 

I think that the fans support me with their whole hearts, no matter what activities I do. So, I do my best in both singing and acting. I guess the fans like such an image.

– After you acted in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, why did you choose another historical drama genre again?

Actually, I did not think that Rooftop Prince is a historical drama when I began filming. As the subject material was “time slip”, the focus of the drama was mainly on the episodes where the crown prince came to the modern time. I was given the script for episode one and two during the day. I read it and I found it very interesting. So, on that night itself, I immediately decided to participate in the drama. I could feel the charisma of the character…

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