[TRANS] 100520 Music Japan Blog: Jejung Who Supports Junsu…

 On Monday this week, Music Japan’s filming, which was open to public at NHK Hall featured XIAH Junsu.

It’s been a while since Kouhaku to be in the NHK Hall, and with the dancers he performed his solo passionately.
Thank you for all the people that came to support him at the hall.
For the ones who couldn’t come, please enjoy the broadcast.

Actually, before the recording, Jejung came to encourage him.
The two were dubbed “Jejung kohai taking care of Junsu senpai”. [T/N ‘kohai’ means junior, ‘senpai’ means senior]
Jejung acted as the stylist assistant, and did things like hanging duct tape on his waist, passing towels and drinks to him on stage and stuff.

And so, a picture with Mari-chan after the recording ended.
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