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Styled with the “wet look” (laughs), producing a very sexy music video

Q: With the recording and promotions for your single [XIAH], your solo activities have officially started. How does this feel?

JS: I’m nervous as there are a lot of things that I am trying for the first time, but I’m also very happy. I believe that this opportunity will give me a chance to show everyone a side of me that I have never shown before.

Q: The title track for this single is “Intoxication”, which is quite a cool dance song.

JS: It was selected from a couple of songs that I wrote for my solo debut, and I produced it as well. I wanted to give it a more R&B feel.

Q: What was the process of the song-writing and production like?

JS: First, I looked at the rhythm of the song, which is the most important for a dance tune. The rhythm must be one that makes you feel like dancing, even before adding the rest of the instruments. Then, I used this feeling to produce the song. The melody of the chorus came into my mind first, and using that as a focal point, I created the rest of the song, singing and writing at the same time.

Q: The lyrics for the song are quite mature!

JS: Yes, because we wanted to express a mature feeling through the song so there was a lot of focus on the breathing. In the PV, we also went for a wet hair look, completing the cool sexy image we wanted to produce, please look forward to it.

Wanting to show everyone XIAH’s music

Q: “Kanashimi no Yukue” (End of Sorrow) is a totally different song, a ballad.

JS: The instrumentation of this song contains only the piano and strings, and has no other instruments or harmony. I wanted everyone to be touched by the meaning of the lyrics of the song.

Q: The song’s lyrics are about the feelings when leaving the one you love, is there a part of the song that you especially feel for?

JS: “Shiawase wa Owaru yori Kawaru houga Bokuni wa samishii.”(Trans: Happiness to me, compared to ending, change is even lonelier.) If the reason for breaking is due to circumstances, then in this situation, as long as there is still love then there will still be hope. But if it is a change of heart, then you can only accept this, and that is truly the end.

Q: This kind of song lyric should have a lot of meaning and feeling in it, it should be rather difficult to understand and express this?

JS: It’s difficult…but since I’ve always been doing this, I guess I’m used to it. (Laughs)

Q: This song gets stronger towards the end, and this leaves a deep impression on people.

JS: Even though it may not express the actual storyline in the lyrics, but the song needs to create this kind of atmosphere. Via the song, we want to people feel the content of the drama, so we added some changes.

Q: “Kimi Ga Ireba ~Beautiful Love~ is also a very different kind of Ballad.

JS: “Kanashimi no Yukue” is ultimately a sad ballad, while “Kimi ga Ireba ~Beautiful Love~ is more tumultuous, and is a ballad that ends hopefully, so it presents a different kind of emotion.

Q: Lastly, please talk about what else you plan to challenge in the future?

JS: There are many things, but firstly I wish to show people a performance that truly belongs to “XIAH.” I will also work harder on song writing, so please look forward to it.



XIAH Junsu debuted in February 2004 as a member of Tohoshinki in Korea with the song “HUG”, and shot to fame and gained recognition from everyone, and continued activities as part of Tohoshinki. On 26th May 2010, under the name XIAH Junsu will start on his solo activities with his single “XIAH.” This single will contain “Kimi ga ireba ~Beautiful Love~”, the theme song of BeeTV’s drama “Beautiful Love ~Kimi ga ireba~” with “Intoxication” as the interlude song. “Kanashimi no Yukue” will be the theme song for another BeeTV drama “Love letter from 5 years later”

On 22nd May 2010, he will be performing at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium 1 for the “Girls Award 2010”

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