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    [TRANS]100519 XIAH Junsu Interview from ORICON STYLE 




    Styled with the “wet look” (laughs), producing a very sexy music video

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    [INTERVIEW] 120627 New Daily’s Star Talk with Yoochun 



    – Are the fans actively supporting you as you juggle acting and singing activities? 

    I think that the fans support me with their whole hearts, no matter what activities I do. So, I do my best in both singing and acting. I guess the fans like such an image.

    – After you acted in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, why did you choose another historical drama genre again?

    Actually, I did not think that Rooftop Prince is a historical drama when I began filming. As the subject material was “time slip”, the focus of the drama was mainly on the episodes where the crown prince came to the modern time. I was given the script for episode one and two during the day. I read it and I found it very interesting. So, on that night itself, I immediately decided to participate in the drama. I could feel the charisma of the character…

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    [TRANS] 100518 Xiah Junsu – SMART Magazine Shooting Report Vol.1 

    Souhei Igarashi Blog – Editor of SMART Magazine

    I’m very sorry for making everybody wait so long! Below is Junsu’s shooting report Vol. 1

    In my April 20 blog, I mentioned that Xiah Junsu-kun would be on SMART!
    Appearing on the SMART 4 Monthly Issue in February, he caused a big, big, big reaction from everyone
    Junsu himself was also very satisfied with the shoot
    Now, for the release of his solo single, Junsu has once again come back to SMART!

    (April SMART Issue)

    This time, he will appear as a special model in this top, word-class brand special issue!
    Everyone must know that when this handsome, luxury top brand and top celebrities come together, it creates a dream-like perfection that can only be realized by SMART!
    The main reason we are able to make this come true is from the support of the vast number of hardworking readers who bought the SMART 4 Monthly Issue and supports Junsu’s activities!
    Thank you!

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    [TRANS] 100511 Arena 37 C – Jaejoong 

     [Premiere of drama & backstage interview 2010.4.12 @ Tokyo FM Hall]

    Although I was very nervous because it was my first time being in a Japanese drama, everyone treated me very sincerely and this is what enabled the smooth filming of the drama!

    In the Fuji TV drama “Hard to say I love you”, it’s the first time Jaejoong is acting and he was also present in the premiere of the drama as well as the backstage interview. On that day, all 5 main leads expressed their thoughts on the first episode after watching it. At the same time, Jaejoong also mentioned his feelings as he challenges acting for the first time. Next, we will talk about the situation of the activities that day!

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    [TRANS] 100514 Musical Mozart Director Interview – Reason To Pick Junsu? 

    Q: In regards to the casting of Xiah Junsu…

    All the actors, including the backup singers, were all chosen by me. As for Junsu, I actually really wanted him to participate in this from the start. But it was very regretful that he was involved in some conflict with his company, so I couldn’t help but give up on that hope. Later on, Jo Sung Mo passed the auditions, but injured himself on a television show… (middle omitted)… so in the end, Junsu decided to perform.

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    [TRANS] 100514 Junsu Speaks English! WHAT’s IN? June Edition 

    Let us continue on in revealing the secrets of WHAT’s IN? Magazine (laugh)
    This time, the interview was conducted at the shooting set, but during the interview, something happened that made Junsu very interested in the matter
    Just when he was very intently talking about the songs, there was a sudden “Oh?”
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    [TRANS] 100511 ARENA 37°C June Edition – Junsu Interview 

    Q: Although this is the first time interviewing you as XIAH Junsu, looking at your shooting film, the song “Intoxication” in your solo single “XIAH” had a very sexy atmosphere throughout it, including the very mature voice and melody added to it.
    A: (Shy) Thank you, have you already listened to it?
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    [TRANS] 100508 PATi PATi Magazine – Intoxication Interview + Interviewer’s Blog 

    XIAH Junsu
    Junsu has kicked off his solo appearance activities! A shoot and interview different from before, catching people’s attention!

    Interviewer’s Blog

    We have interviewed “XIAH”, Junsu’s name as a soloist, who has started his individual activities. The outcome of his photos clearly highlights his manly charisma and sex appeal, bringing forth a style completely different from before. As an editor as well, for me, it can be categorized as a batch of mind-numbing photos!

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    [TRANS] 100428 Yoochun And Junsu – Beautiful Love Interview (updated 100502) 

    —— How did you feel when you received an invitation to participate in your first Japanese television drama?

    Yoochun: Because I didn’t have any acting experiences before and I have to use Japanese, I was very anxious

    —— This is considered your debut Japanese drama, so what was going through your head when you arrived on-set?

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    [TRANS] 100430 FujiTV Sunao Ni Narenakute Interview 3 – Jejung 

    Interview 3
    Jejung – 
    “Doctor” Park Sung Soo

    Q: How did you feel when you received the invitation to act in this drama? 
    A:”Eh? Really?!” Like that (laughs). I couldn’t believe it. How will it turn out in using Japanese to perform~ I did have my uncertainties. I told myself that I would have to carry my anxiousness and just act to the end.

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